STANLEY WESTON, creator of G.I. Joe action figure, May 1 (84)

MICHAEL PARKS, actor (Twin Peaks, Then Came Bronson, From Dusk Til Dawn, etc.) May 9 (77)

MICHAEL JACKSON, football player (Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens), May 12 (48)

POWERS BOOTHE, actor (Tombstone, Deadwood, Southern Comfort, etc.), May 14 (68)

CHRIS CORNELL, musician (Soundgarden, Temple Of The Dog), May 19 (52)

LARRY WRIGHT, cartoonist (Wright Angles, Kit 'n' Carlyle), May 21 (77)

CURTIS WOMACK, R&B vocalist, May 21 (74)

DINA MERRILL, actress (Operation Petticoat, etc.) May 22 (93)

ROGER MOORE, actor (James Bond films, etc.), May 23 (89)

JIM BUNNING, baseball player (Detroit Tigers), May 26 (85)

GREGG ALLMAN, musician (Allman Brothers Band), May 27 (69)

Thanks to every one of the above for dedicating their lives to our entertainment.

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