Here's a short list of some of the most notable celebrities we lost in the last couple of months...

MUHAMMAD ALI, June 3 (74)

Courtesy of Del-Fi Records

BOBBY CURTOLA, early rock/pop singer, June 4 (73)

GORDIE HOWE, hockey Hall-of-Famer, June 10 (88)

CHICO FERNANDEZ, former Detroit Tiger, June 11 (84)

JANET WALDO, voice of cartoon character Jane Jetson, June 12 (96)

RON MASON, MSU hockey coach, June 13 (76)

Courtesy of Golden Editions Limited Records

ANN MORGAN GUILBERT, actress ('Millie' on "The Dick Van Dyke Show"), June 14 (87)

HENRY McCULLOUGH, guitarist for Paul McCartney & Wings, June 14 (72)

SCOTTY MOORE, guitarist for Elvis Presley, June 28 (84)

NOEL NEILL (Lois Lane on 1950's TV "Superman" series), July 3 (95)

Courtesy of Lute Records

GARY PAXTON, produced hit "Monster Mash" and was lead vocalists for The Hollywood
Argyles ("Alley Oop," 1960), July 15 (77)

GARRY MARSHALL, American director, producer, writer and actor, July 19 (81)

SHAWSHANK TREE, North American white oak tree featured in "The Shawshank Redemption," July 22 (180)

LEE GRANT, actress ('Shampoo'), July 22 (84)

Courtesy of E.C. Publications

JACK DAVIS, artist, drew cartoons for early MAD magazines & comics, and the 1950's comic book "Tales From The Crypt," etc., July 27 (91)

Thanks to all who entertained us over the years...