We love golf in Michigan. There's something about paying your hard-earned money only to come to the harsh realization that you are not Tiger Woods.

This reality hits me every time I step foot on the course. One course, in particular, gives me fits every single time. I'm talking to you Cascades Golf Course in Jackson, Michigan. For three consecutive summers, I played this course at least twice a week.

Every time I would pull into the parking lot of Cascades I would think to myself "Don't go for the green on 8". Every time I sliced the ball on both 1 and 2 (both par 5's) I would think to myself "Don't go for the green on 8". As I putt the ball on my 10th stroke on 7, I think to myself "Don't go for the green on 8".

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So as I put the tee into the ground on the box on 8, I look at the dogleg right and think to myself "You should go for the green here". So I go for the green on 8. I end up, once again, in the woods between the green and the tee box, having once again failed to just layup, and go for a birdie.

I love playing Cascades Golf Course, even if it plays me every single time.

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