Sometimes when you put two heads together, you can come up with really good ideas.  And of course, most of these really good ideas end up making people lots of money.

How about two women, one a hair stylist, the other a photographer, decided to work together to create not only a traveling photo booth, but a multifunctional traveling camper.

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Here's what has to say:

With the help of Full Auto LLC in Ann Arbor, the longtime friends will soon be completing the transformation of their 1967 Nomad Camper into a multifunctional traveling camper that will be available for events and parties in Michigan and Ohio in the fall.

This project is going to take some time to put together and it's going to cost some money to make it all happen.

But once finished, this traveling photo booth will be in high demand at festivals, weddings, outdoor concerts, and so much more. tells us:

"We wanted the RV to be able to be multipurpose, so whether it is a photo booth at a wedding, or whether it's a stage for an artist to be able to sing from at a festival or a farmers market, it's sound and color equipped," Galanin said.

This sounds like a big project and the two women said everything should be completed later this summer.  It will cost them over $40,000 to complete this transformation from a camper, to an entertainment mobile. adds:

The Electric Love Lounge is expected to be available in the fall for residents in Michigan and Ohio, and will be driven out to designated locations upon request, Galanin said.  Photo and sound equipment will also be available to rent, she said.

All I know is that I want to see the Electric Love Lounge when it's all said and done.  With so much time and money going into this project, it will have to be nothing short of spectacular.

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