WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property. 

Seeing abandoned buildings can be both sad and exciting. Sad to see such places deteriorate, and wonder how they used to be when there were people around.....and exciting to see what they look like now.

The Calvary Presbyterian Church was organized in 1872, but a church wasn't constructed until 1887. It opened in January 1888, but the location turned out to be disappointing.

In 1914, the congregation was moved to the corner of Maybury & Michigan Avenue in an old wooden church. Still not satisfied, a new church was built at the corner of Vicksburg and Grand River in 1916. This is the one you'll see in the gallery below.

Called the Calvary Presbyterian Church, an extra wing was added in 1931.

So why did it shut down?

In 1940 the church had a congregation of 1,700...by 1963 it had dwindled to 338. Blame is pointed to auto workers losing their jobs, racial tension, and rioting. It finally closed for good in 1991 and the congregation relocated to - what they deemed to be - a safer place.

The church has been abandoned ever since.

As always, seek permission to explore any abandoned location, like these guys did...and remember, there are plenty of dangers. It's not the safest way to spend an afternoon...



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