Many people don't remember what Bundy Hill was all about. It was almost like an “Irish Hills Jr.” or “Irish Hills Lite”.....many people flocked to Bundy Hill, just as they did to Irish Hills.

History says Bundy Hill was named after the original land owner, John Bundy, but looking at old atlases, I didn't see one Bundy name. It was never a town, village, or burg...just a hunk of land that came to be known for its tower.

Located on US-12 west of Somerset Center in Hillsdale County, the Michigan Observation Company took advantage of the area's highest point and erected a stick-built tower. These were the same guys who built the first Irish Hills tower. Although Irish Hills kept adding more and more attractions for families and tourists, Bundy Hill just had the tower, and even a zoo.

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Tourists from all over southern Michigan came to Bundy Hill for picnics, family reunions, weddings, and just plain curiosity. The view from atop was the major attraction as well as the Hillcrest Restaurant with their famous chicken sandwiches.

Irish Hills eventually acquired two towers (that you can read about here) but the Bundy Observatory was demolished in 1956, thanks to a mining operation. The mining ceased in 2012.

Currently, Bundy Hill still has a roadside restaurant and the land is open for off-road vehicles. They made extra trails for ATVs, bikes, crawlers, 4x4s, jeeps, ORVs, with plenty of challenges for the die-hards.

Take a look at the photo gallery below and see what Bundy Hill once was!



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