Is bullying and fighting now causing students to walk out of school demanding teachers and staff members to make some changes?

The answer to that question is yes! Bullying and fighting in any school for that matter should definitely be prohibited.

Holt High School students are taking a stand against any type of school violence, and bottom line, there's no tolerance for bullying or fighting.

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This week alone, over 100 students decided to walk right out of school and simply demand that something be done about this very serious issue.

I know that I wouldn't want my kids going to Holt High School if they had to fear for their lives or worry about getting into fights. And what about that kid who recently walked into Holt High School carrying a loaded handgun?

According to the Lansing State Journal:

On Oct. 26, a 15-year-old student was arrested after bringing a loaded handgun to school. Holt Public Schools officials have since suspended the boy until further notice. The following day, Holt High School and Junior High entered lockdowns after announcing investigations of two threats of violence made on social media.

MAJOR RED FLAG! I don't blame anyone in that school for walking out and demanding that protocols be followed.

There's no excuse for any of this to be taking place in any mid-Michigan school, including Holt High School.

The Lansing State Journal also adds:

On Tuesday evening, a group of seven students penned a letter to the school district and all of the high school community, requesting that staff improve communication and hold accountable students who harm others.

I cannot speak on behalf of the school administration for Holt High School, but I'm sure that teachers and staff members will work diligently to resolve this problem.

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