One woman was stunned after her mother-in-law suggested she ditch her wheelchair for her nuptials so she'll "look nice" in photos, adding she thinks she'll "regret" the decision if she doesn't.

A bride's wedding day can be one of the most stressful days of their lives, and wedding photos often add to that stress as they serve as reminders of the special day.

The bride-to-be took to Reddit explaining she has "some mobility" out of her wheelchair, but due to the exhaustion of the day she had planned on using it.

"I am getting married in four months. I'm an ambulatory wheelchair user. I have some mobility but it's not great and I figured I'd save myself hassle and pain the next day and use my wheelchair on the day," the woman wrote via Reddit. "My future mother-in-law is trying to talk me out of this, saying I'd regret it looking back on the pictures and how if I can I should try and be out of my chair for at least part of the day so it'd look nice."

The woman was gutted by her mother-in-law's comments and confronted her, but her fiancé took his mom's side, calling her a "bridezilla."

"I'm pretty upset at this I won't lie, I felt like she was acting as if my chair was something to hide, or worse, something ugly with how she talked about how it'd be better for pictures and look nicer," the woman explained. "I told her to mind her own f---ing business and that I'd do whatever I feel is best. I told her that as it's my wedding and I'm paying for the photographer, I'll decide how I want to look for my pictures."

The future mother-in-law "got very upset" after the woman told her that, though. She even claimed "she was just trying to think of me."

Natilyn Hicks via Unsplash
Natilyn Hicks via Unsplash

"I disagree on this matter as it doesn't feel like I'm being thought of at all, just how things will look. [She also said] I'm being way too touchy and unreasonable," she wrote, noting her mother-in-law "complained" to the groom-to-be, who then told the woman she needed to be less "touchy."

"He has said I can use my chair on the day but I can't jump down his mother's throat like that," she added. "I am sensitive about my chair as I grew up with issues about my appearance and how it tied into that. So when she suggested I'd look better without it, it got to me."

Users were outraged at the woman's story, with many attacking the mother-in-law, but most felt it was the woman's partner who was most in the wrong.

"Your wheelchair is an extension of your body and for her to ask you to leave it at home and go without it is ignorant and unkind. Shame on your future spouse for not telling his mother to keep her shitty opinions to herself," one person wrote.

Another commented: "I'd definitely be concerned about the fiancé and his lack of support for me. I'd think twice about marrying him. Overbearing mothers in law only get worse if they're not put in their place."

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