The last couple of years have been very tough on quite a few of our favorite restaurants.

Some restaurants have weathered the storm through the coronavirus pandemic and others have had to shut their doors for good.

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Are you familiar with Norton Shores, Michigan? Norton Shores is a city in Muskegon County with a population of just over 25,000.

One of the more famous restaurants in Norton Shores is called "The Fish Monger's Wife." A very well known fresh fish market that's been in business for roughly 12 years.

Unfortunately, "The Fish Monger's Wife" will close their doors for good on Saturday, April 9.

According to mlive:com:

The Petersens first launched The Fish Monger's Wife in 2010 by selling fresh whitefish caught in Lake Michigan at the Muskegon Farmers Market. The couple later expanded the family retail fish outlet to a permanent location on Sherman Boulevard in Norton Shores.

My wife and I have friends who have a cottage in Norton Shores and we've been there several times over the years.

Norton Shores is roughly about an hour and a half drive from Lansing and it's so worth the drive.

Our friends told us all about "The Fish Monger's Wife" and they took us there for dinner every time we went.

My wife and I had salmon while our two friends ordered the whitefish and both dishes were quite good. adds:

During its time, The Fish Monger's Wife offered fresh Great Lakes fish from whitefish to perch, walleye and salmon.

Now this wonderful fresh fish market will shut down on April 9 and it's such a shame. My wife and I went their twice and really enjoyed the food and service.

Overall, The Fish Monger's Wife just didn't have enough savings to get through the two years of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We certainly wish the owners all the best.

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