The second location of Ellison Brewery and Spirits should be opening in the spring of next year according to the owner, that baring any unseen problems.

Ellison's newest location will be located in REO town in what used to be the Quality Dairy building.   That building was built back in 1917 and was the location of the last REO Motor Car Company building that is still standing in Lansing ( see, you learn something new everyday).  The brewery is trying to keep the integrity of the old structure, all 20 thousand square feet.

The plans for the brewery include a Pub on the buildings first floor and a full sized kitchen and a large patio, because Michigan folks love to eat and drink outside..(.said me ). Plans for the second floor include an event space, and a production facility.

Work on transforming the building is almost done,  basically just finishing touches are left.  Some of the original plans for the space had to be modified just a bit due to the Coronavirus.  The event space on the buildings second floor could change if the pandemic continues and practicing social social distancing continues to be mandatory for restaurant owners.

All in all, Ellison and his business partners are taking things a bit slow,they did not want to cheap out on this building renovation.

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