A haunting in Breckenridge.


Breckenridge, a charming little Mid-Michigan town with some cool old buildings that still stand in the downtown area. This town is in the center of Michigan's mitten and has a ghost story of it's own. The ghostly occurrences happen in the AIM (middle) school. The story says that after the original school was built in 1936, there was a little space in the wall that construction workers (or maybe school officials) boarded up. Looking for someone to bully, some kid ripped the boards off and shoved a kid inside. He then sealed it back up, making sure it was secure enough so the other kid could not get out.

Needless to say, the kid eventually died inside the wall and wasn't discovered until much later.....probably after people began complaining about an unsavory smell coming from the wall.

These days, the school is considered to be haunted, with reports of lockers opening and closing, sounds of children laughing, toilets flushing by themselves and sink faucets turning on & off on their own.

According to a former employee on the Ghosts of America website, "I worked for the AIM program for several years while it was still in the old high school. Many times I would stay over and correct papers etc after everyone else had left for the day. I would hear people talking and doors slamming often when there was no one else there."

Another Breckenridge resident claimed on the site, "The old Aim building that's no longer there was haunted. I walked past the building and saw the metal door at the top of the staircase open. And there was no one in the building."

Any of you ever hear of this one?

Take a drive-thru Breckenridge sometime and maybe visit the school for yourself. The town is eleven miles east of Alma and the school is located at Wright St and Eaton St just a hair north of town.

BE RESPECTFUL IF YOU DO VISIT and don't make a pest of yourself.

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