Who the heck is HE? Only the guy who made a fortune by inventing the "Pet Rock" back in 1975.

Not only was the product stupid, but it proved WE were just as stupid for buying one for $3.95 when we coulda gone out and dug one up in the back yard. Nevertheless, we dumb people made this guy a millionaire. We may have been dumb but this guy was extremely smart and obviously a marketing whiz. He knew it was silly - in fact, he is quoted as saying "we’ve packaged a sense of humor.”

Because of the Pet Rock's success, more dumb products popped up but none could top the ridiculousness of Pet Rocks.

Gary was sitting in a bar with some buddies when he came up with his idea; broke at the time, they talked about having pets and how expensive they were to keep. Gary mentioned he had a pet rock that needed no care (but kept him company) and the light bulb went off.

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(Maybe I should invent "Pet Dirt".....or "Domesticated Grass".....or give out marriage certificates to trees.....the dumber the product, the more it sells.)