What's that old saying, people who play together, stay together!  My wife and I have been bowling for quite some time now, and we both bowl on the same league every Tuesday night.

Yes, bowling starts the day after Labor Day and we're both looking forward to it.  We bowl at Spare Time Bowling Center near Frandor.

Lori has the highest bowling average among the women bowlers in the league.  I don't have the highest average, but I have come close twice now, at bowling a 300.  My highest games ever are 279 and 278 which I bowled last year in the city tournament.

It's 30 weeks of bowling from September all the way through April and then our next fun sport is golf.

We know that bowling is not for everyone, but it does give us something fun to do during the winter months.  Watch Jim Gaffigan below and enjoy his take on bowling!