WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

The Michigan town of Borculo lies in Blendon Township in Ottawa County. Borculo has a oft-told haunted tale - that of a temperamental schoolteacher who killed a student.

The old schoolhouse still stands on Port Sheldon Street, just east of the downtown district. It was built in 1876, moved to its current location in the 1900's and rebuilt in 1908, the way it remains to this day.

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The teacher's name was Miss Van Moss who would not hesitate to punish any child she considered to be unruly, whether within the classroom or without (one site in particular said her discipline methods were of "martial force"). During one particular recess, after a childish incident on the school playground, Van Moss whacked one of the children so hard on the head, that the child instantly died. 

The one-room school was closed in the mid 1960's and re-opened about 20 years later, calling itself the "Schoolhouse Restaurant". Soon, restaurant customers were claiming to have seen a child sitting alone in one of the booths, looking very lonely, staring off into the room, never speaking. Other customers say they witnessed silverware randomly flying through the air, as if being thrown by unseen hands.

After many customer paranormal claims, the establishment was sold to new owners in the mid 1990's...the restaurant didn't last and it closed before the year 2000. Years later, it had a sign out front that sported the name "Classroom Diner", and the school is currently used as a reception center.

The tale of Miss Van Moss still permeates the Borculo area to this day. Paranormal investigators have attempted to get permission to go inside and get some kind of evidence but have been refused.

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