Black Lives Matter activists in Flint painted a powerful message on MLK Boulevard in downtown Sunday.

The message is simple, "Black Lives Matter!" painted in huge white lettering on MLK, just north of the Flint River. Crowds gathered to help paint, and the street was shut down by Flint City Police officers. The entire event was based around community, and bringing people in Flint together.

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One of the event organizers DeWaun Robinson posted about the event on his FB page.

He will be on Club 93.7 Monday to talk about the motivation behind the mural, and what he hopes will come of the painting.

The incredible aerial photo featured above was taken by Mike Naddeo Photo, where he posted it to his IG acct.

I took a panoramic shot of the street that you can see below. It helps to put into perspective just how big the mural actually is.

cchurch / tsm
cchurch / tsm

The event was peaceful, and was executed with cooperation from the city and Flint Police. There was one idiot driving around the blocked off road with a "Trump 2020" flag out of his window trying to instigate the event participants.

After people tried to stop the man in his truck to see if would engage in any sort of conversation, he eventually yelled something, and flipped off the crowd. He obviously was just in the mindset of trying to start trouble where there should be none. It's people like that guy, whoever he is, that often bring a negative aspect to peaceful rallies.

I was there when the guy was trying to instigate the people at the rally, and it was almost pathetic what he was doing. He obviously wanted to start some kind of turmoil, but wasnt brave enough to even slow down to answer any of the questions being asked of him.

I had my son with me and explained that someone that truly believes in the cause that they are protesting for, will not shy away from questions or tough conversations. They will listen to others, and explain why they feel the way they do. Protests do not equal violence, and really the only time that violence does happen is when someone refuses to listen.

I have to salute DeWaun and the rest of the organizers of the event. I was proud to have my son see the example they set today.

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