While on my latest vacation in Alaska, I saw a sign on the back of the stall door that made me laugh. I didn't think that it was real. After hitting other bathrooms, I found the same sign in every stall and realized that this crazy thing was real.

Bottom line, I thought everyone pretty much used the potty the same way, but boy was I wrong.

The Chinese use the bathroom in a totally different way.  When you're in China and you see their public restrooms for the first time, you won't believe it. They have what's known as a squatty potty. There is no toilet and no stalls, so basically no privacy at all.  You get a hole in the ground, and that's it.

Apparently in Alaska they were having a bit of trouble with visitors from China who were using our bathrooms incorrectly and breaking the toilet seats quite often.

That has to be the oddest bathroom sign I have ever seen, but if you have seen a crazy potty sign around Lansing, I would love to see a photo of it. I can't believe it would be more bizarre than the one I saw.

If you want to learn more about Chinese toilets, check out trip savvy's article. 

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