It's a restaurant that I'm sure most of you are aware of: the Golden Harvest. But what makes it so special? ALL THE STUFF!

I don't mean foodstuffs.....I mean all the knick-knacks, memorabilia, collectibles, figurines, antiques..... unfairly calls the Golden Harvest a "restaurant covered in junk" but I disagree. This place has the bravery to be campy and kitschy...AND CUSTOMERS LOVE IT. You can't miss it when you drive by...the outside is LOADED with oddities, antique signs, toys, tools and much more. (SEE THE ABOVE PHOTO GALLERY!)

This little eatery has been featured in many other websites that focus on Michigan's odd, quirky, strange, different, obscure and must-see places.....

Capacity is only 34 when you have to wait in line outside, you really don't mind, as you try to see EVERYTHING that decorates the outside of the building. Once inside you'll see EVEN MORE odd stuff: more collectibles, movie posters,'s worth the wait.

The Golden Harvest has been written about, blogged, videoed, included in college student's definitely has left an impact on many Lansing/East Lansing residents.

The Golden Harvest is open 7am-2pm Tuesday thru Friday, 8am-2pm Saturday & Sunday and closed don't plan on dinner...just breakfast or lunch.

But what about the food?
Regular & occasional customers RAVE about the food.

How do ya get there? The Golden Harvest is located at 1625 Turner Street, Lansing. Plan on it.....and take pictures and video!!!


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