What this all boils down to is family discussions on where to go for summer vacation in Michigan.

Michigan is such a beautiful state in the first place and there are countless places to go for summer vacation.

Let's break it down to a few of our favorite summer vacation destinations:

First and foremost, Mackinac Island. What a great place to take the whole family for not only loads of fun, but the best world famous fudge. Mackinac Island is so beautiful and there's never a dull moment at any given time.

What my wife and I really like is not only Mackinac Island's delicious fudge, but also, many historical sights to check out including its state park. You can also rent bikes, rent horses by the hour or take a horse drawn carriage ride throughout most of Mackinac Island.

Next up on the summer vacation destination list: Traverse City. What a great place for a summer vacation. My wife and I were in Traverse City two weeks ago playing putt putt at Pirates Cove, and it was absolutely packed with players.

Everyone knows that Traverse City is the "Cherry Capital of the World." Traverse City is well known for their National Cherry Festival and so much more. Even the downtown area is very busy most of the time, especially during the summer months. The next time you're in Traverse City, book dinner at the Apache Grill, it sits right on the bay.

How about one more great summer vacation destination in Michigan? Saugatuck is next on our summer list. Why? It's incredibly beautiful. And the marina in Saugatuck is quite spectacular. You'll see some of the most expensive and massive boats you've ever laid your eyes on. Oval Beach is quite popular and check out the Saugatuck Dunes State park. Can't go wrong at either place.

How about you? Any favorite summer vacation destinations come to mind in Michigan? Let's take a look at several more at travel.usnews.com.

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