There are so many wonderful restaurants in the Greater Lansing area and I wish I could mention them all in this article. And thank you for everything you do!

With Valentine's Day coming our way very soon on Feb. 14, we thought it would be nice to name a few of the best places for a romantic dinner in the Lansing area.

Let me start with one of my favorite restaurants in the Greater Lansing area.

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1. The English Inn at 677 S. Michigan Rd. in Eaton Rapids. I start with this one because that's where my wife and I were married back in 2008. The English Inn is simply amazing and they offer fine dining at it's best. Some of their dinner specials include Grilled Salmon, Chicken Oscar, Bone in Pork Chop and delicious Filet Mignon.

Check out "The English Inn" menu for yourself and enjoy at

2. Troppo Italian Kitchen at 111 East  Michigan Avenue in downtown Lansing. Another perfect restaurant for your favorite valentine. Troppo Italian Kitchen by the way was recently named best restaurant in the State of Michigan for private dining. They feature delicious Italian favorites along with mouth watering steaks and fresh seafood, prepared just the way you like it. The last time my wife and I were there, I ordered Grilled Sirloin and Portabella salad and it was absolutely terrific.

Check out the menu from Troppo Italian Kitchen at

3. The Bistro at 151 S. Putnam St. in Williamston. The Bistro is another excellent choice for a very romantic dinner on Valentine's Day or any other day of the week. The last time my wife and I dined at the Bistro, I had their delicious "Caesar Salad" and my wife had "Cherry Bomb Shrimp."

According to, this best describes The Bistro in Williamston

When you walk into The Bistro you step onto beautiful wood floors surrounded by walls adorned with art from local artists. The ceiling is tin, the bar is marble, the glass light fixtures were made down the street at Fireworks Glass Studios. Full service bar and restaurant with focus on creative, local, artistic food and drink.

Check out the menu from The Bistro at

Happy dining and enjoy dinner at one of your favorite romantic restaurants on Valentine's Day!

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