Ever see a dog in a tuxedo? Well, you're about to.

Shane and Amanda Hudson were married a few weeks ago in Hazel Park, a suburb of Detroit. Nothing unusual there, it happens every weekend around the world, people get married.

But what made this union a little different, is that the couple's pet dog, Weller, acted as 'Best Man' at the wedding. (Shouldn't that be 'Best Dog'?)

Shane says they “ultimately landed on him being the ‘best boy’ because, well, he is.”

When planning their nuptials, the couple knew immediately they wanted to involve Weller, a three-year-old Mastiff-Staffordshire Terrier mix, because he's been a huge part of Shane's life since he adopted Weller as a puppy.

“Weller is our world,” Shane told Cater News after the ceremony.

After nailing down a dog-friendly wedding venue, the couple then decided to dress Weller up in a custom-made doggy tuxedo and give him the biggest responsibility of all, best man.

“The day was absolutely perfect, we have some nontraditional tastes and really focused on the celebration of our love for each other,” Shane added.

The Hudsons spent time training Weller to make sure he was well-behaved during the ceremony. Shane says “We are those annoying dog people who post pictures and videos of Weller all over our social media,” and that Weller has a fan base. They’ve posted some of their wedding photos on Facebook.

The couple added they received nothing but compliments on how well behaved Weller was during the ceremony and the resulting party afterward.

Amanda Hudson via Facebook
Amanda Hudson via Facebook
Amanda Hudson via Facebook
Amanda Hudson via Facebook

No word on how well Weller did during the traditional Best Man speech and toast, or whether he got so drunk, he hit on the Bridesmaids.

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