Here's another Michigan village that has been called a 'ghost town' by some, a 'shadow town' by others.

What's left of the town of Bendon can be found in Benzie County within Inland Township. Bendon was formerly called 'Kentville', named after farmer Albert Kent who became the town's first postmaster in 1888. Re-named "Bendon" in 1892, it was a lumber town and station stop along the Pere Marquette Railroad, later called the Chicago & W. Michigan Railway.

In 1905 the population was up to 125 and by 1918, the town had an auto garage, blacksmith, 2 boarding houses, express office, 2 general stores, grocery, hardware store, hotel, post office, produce company, and sawmill.

After the depletion of timber, the post office lasted a handful of extra years before shutting down in 1954.

The image below from the Historic Map Works web site shows the community of Bendon in 1915.

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

Now take a look at the photos below of current-day Bendon. Quite a change from what it once was...none of the above-mentioned businesses exist. Good place to add to your Michigan roadtrip to get a shot of the cool old church that still stands.

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