Here's another shoe tree for y'all.

This one is located in Ionia County, south of Belding at the junction of Zahm Rd. and Krupp Rd (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

Why does this tree - and others in Michigan - have shoes hanging from it?
Well.....WHY NOT.

There's nothing mystical or paranormal about it. It just...IS.

Some have tried to start a rumor that this shoe tree has some kind of 'curse' on it, but this is one I believe is just what it appears to be: a tree with shoes hanging from it. PERIOD.

I'm assuming the shoes are thrown there by people in the area who would rather have their shoes in a tree rather than a trash barrel.

Anyhoo...if you're traveling in this direction during your 2018 summer Michigan roadtrip, add this site to your itinerary. It's out in the sticks but it makes an interesting stop for a couple of minutes! SHOW ME YOUR PHOTOS!


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