According to the Hill,

Teachers unions are waging court fights across the country aimed at unwinding what they say are unsafe and politically motivated timetables for reopening schools that risk exposing personnel to the coronavirus pandemic.

State officials in some states want to get students back into schools, but those reopening plans are being scrutinized and are being taken to court. On the opposite side, it's the parents in the state that want schools to open, and they are using the courts to try and make that happen. So the courts are in the middle and are being forced to decide what to do.

This battle over whether or not schools should reopen will only get worse as time goes on. We are in completely unfamiliar territory right now with the coronavirus, and people on both sides of the issue feel very strongly that their beliefs are the right one. This will lead to future conflicts that may make their way into the court system.

Today several area schools will begin their year virtually.  Schools like Holt, Williamston, Waverly, and Haslett.  Many other schools have already started online learning.

This debate on whether or not students should learn remotely is tied to issues such as access to childcare and access to technology. Some parents don't have the financial means to be able to afford childcare, but they also can't afford to miss work and stay home to supervise their children's learning. Additionally, some families may not have the technology necessary to learn virtually, so that is also a consideration.

While those are important arguments to consider, we also can't forget about the health of students, educators their families. Reopening schools means that there is an increased risk of people in the schools contracting to coronavirus, whereas virtual learning is a much safer option when it comes to preventing the spread of the virus.

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