Weddings have so many details to worry about, but generally the Iditarod Dog Sled Race

Ezra Shaw
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in Alaska is not one of them.  For 2000 Bath High School Grad Keileh Redman that 's exactly what's happening.  According to the Lansing State Journal, Keilah, now teaches elementary school teacher in Galena Alaska plans to get married on March 14th...Pi day.  The problem is that Galena is usually only involved in the Iditarod race on even years, so Redman thought it wouldn't be a big deal in 2015, but because the weather is actually warmer than usual the race had to be rerouted and Galena is now a back on the route.  The community center was chosen for the reception, but has been used as a race stop in previous year.  This year they have found a location a little farther from Galena, but the Wedding will go on as planned.