Some folks are sharing some of the worst things that they have seen someone do at a funeral. This is crazy stuff.

One person said "I once went to a funeral in which the ex of the deceased told us about all the great things she did in the bedroom, and what a loss for mankind this was. She was saying all of this in front of her boyfriend."

At one funeral someone's 7 year old thought it would be funny to give the corpse a "wet willy."  His family dragged home out so fast, and they did not return.

A Minister said that he was once waiting in a room off the sanctuary before a the funeral began when he heard scuffling noises.  He went to investigate the noise and found the siblings of the deceased had pulled his body out of the casket and propped it up between them so they could take pictures. Nice...

One story says the Uncle was so angry about something in Grandma's will, so he did the logical thing and went out to the parking lot and keyed everyone's cars.

One woman said her mother-in-law took a photo of a wine glass during her mother's post-funeral luncheon and posted it on Facebook with the caption.."Life is grand."

In another story, a young woman took her boyfriend to her grandmother's funeral as moral support, as she was very close with her. Her boyfriend likes to cosplay as rock stars, and even though the girl begged him to tone down his looks, he still showed up wearing a big black theatrical trench coat, a red shirt (half buttoned) and a bunch of giant cross necklaces. To cap off his funeral look, the guy was wearing  heavy rock-n-roll makeup.  Oh, and he signed the guest book as Alice Cooper before he left.

One woman said they were at the viewing for her Grandfather when her Aunt started stealing from the crematorium the second the employees backs were turned. She was grabbing anything that was not nailed down. The family made her put it all back.

This one is the worst. At the funeral for a woman's husband's great-aunt, her granddaughters were hiding behind a tombstone doing drugs.

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