With names like Hudsonville, Shinola, and Stormy Kromer , you can't go wrong shopping for incredible Michigan products.

Proudly made Michigan based products.

Shopping Michigan first is now easier than ever, with so many new products out and the pride that is behind those products that makes them such a great buy.  Like the Stormy Kromer hat.  I am the proud owner of 2 hats from them, and when ever a baby's is born in my family one of their first gifts from Aunt Monica is an infant Stormy Kromer hat.

If you take a peek in most pantry's in Michigan I guarantee you a box or two of Jiffy Mix will be on the shelves, in our home it is always stocked with corn muffin mix.  The Jiffy company was created back in 1930 by the Chelsea Milling Company and made baking easier for families.

Hudsonville Creamery & Ice Cream , making what many consider the best ice cream in the Midwest.   This Michigan company shares its love of all things Michigan with flavor's like Lake Superior Thaw, Tiger Traxx or the Grand Hotel Pecan Ball.  If you are looking for a great , creamy ice cream remember Hudsonville.  Delicious.

Sanders candy, the Michigan chocolate maker has soothed the sweet tooth of many residents for generations.  You may have seen their Bumpy Cakes in the grocery store or their Hot Fudge Sauce, a 'must have' for the perfect hot fudge sundae.

McCLURE'S Pickles, a pickle lovers dream.  This brand was started by using Grandma's recipe for making pickles and now all manufacturing of McCLURE'S is done solely in Michigan, but the product can be purchased all over the united States.  Keep a jar on hand for Bloody Mary's.

One of my favorite stops in Detroit is the Shinola company.  The makers of fine watches, bicycles and leather goods (just to name a few things) is now the must have watch to own.  Move over Rolex, I am more impressed by your Shinola watch.   FYI, wearing mine today.

Drive by any outdoor work site in the cold winter months and you will see a whole lot of Carhartt.  The outdoor gear for extreme cold weather was founded in Michigan back in 1889 in Detroit.  Carhartt is the outdoor gear of choice for workers and even for playing in the snow, if you want to stay warm and dry.

Other Michigan brands that we love Faygo, Kellogg's, Better Made chips, Great Lakes chips, Vernors, the choice of Mom's for tummy ache's. and don't forget  Mackinac Island Fudge .  The fudge first found on the island, it is so good it drives an entire tourism industry.



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