As the Government shutdown continues, many area Government workers, who never thought they would have to, are now turning to area food banks to help feed their families.

This is a situation that does not seem to be getting any better, with many workers who would normally be donating food to the Food Bank,  now signing up to feed their families with food from area food banks.

Many of those furloughed workers are still having to work, but they are not getting paid.  These are families who need to make house payments or rent, need gas for their cars to get to work, or pay for child care.

No it is not fair, but the government shut down has been going on for almost a month now and these local families need our help.

Call your area food bank before stopping at the grocery store and find out what they need.  Then, buy as much as you can.

Here is a list of a few area food banks, you can always find one that is close and convenient for you.

Holt Food Bank  2021 N. Aureilus Road, Holt  (517) 694-9307

Greater Lansing Food Bank  2116  Mint Rd. Lansing  (517) 853-7800

Our Savior Lutheran Food Bank  1515 W. Holmes Rd Lansing  517-882-7750

Capitol Area Community Services, Inc  218 Maple St.  Mason  (517)676-1065

We need to step up and help our neighbors who are caught in the middle of political fighting

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