The first few days for kids being out of school is always fun, but then the fun wears off and kids (and parents) just want to get back to their normal lives. With the coronavirus pandemic raging around the globe, it is hard for children to understand exactly what is happening.  Basically, most just want to go back to school to see their friends and teachers. In most cases, they didn't even get to say goodbye.

This situation we are in has to be so hard for our kids. One day they are in school and the next day school is closed, they are not allowed to go anywhere and there is no exact time-frame for their return to school. Kind of hard for a young mind to grasp. So, we have come up with a fun way for your kids to reach out to their teachers and say, "here is what I've been doing, I miss you and school, guess what I learned, or just hi."

Have your child write a short letter to their teacher, take a picture of it, and send it to us using the media submission feature of the free 99.1 WFMK app. When you are submitting the picture, be sure to include your child's first name, the teacher's name and what school they go to. We would love to read the letters on air so your child can give their teacher a "shout out." The letters can be whatever your kids want to tell their teachers, something as simple as "I miss you."

Please try and keep the letters to a short paragraph so we can read as many as possible.

Also, we'll send an app alert reminder to tune in before we begin reading them so you and the kiddos don't miss it. Be sure that you have the notifications enabled.

We hope this will be a fun activity for you and the kids!

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