Does anyone remember the Stephen King movie "Children of the Corn?"  This movie came out in 1984 and to this day, I will never ever walk or run into a Michigan corn maze.

Take a look as we refresh your memory:

I rest my case. There are two reasons why:

1. I can't find my way out.

2. I don't like anything taller than me. (corn)

3. I spook easily.

There are several places in the Greater Lansing area where you can take your children to enjoy a traditional corn maze. (please don't invite me)   

One of those places is Shawhaven Farm on Rolfe road in Mason. I took my kids to Shawhaven Farm about ten years ago and they all loved it.

This is an actual farm that's been around since 1947. I remember the fun we all had at Shawhaven Farm except for the part where my kids wanted me to take them through the haunted corn maze at night. (not a chance, never happened)

To this day, Shawhaven Farm is still open and serving the public with all kinds of Halloween fun. And yes, the corn maze is still up and running full tilt.

Would you like to know about another corn maze that's close by? How about Uncle John's Cider Mill? This from

Uncle John’s Corn Maze is so much fun! Depending on how long or short of a trip you’d like to take through the maze, there are alternate routes throughout.

This maze is fun for the whole family from young to old.


Here's one more for all of you "Children of the Corn" fans. How about checking out the Peacock Road Family Farm, on Peacock road in Laingsburg.

Not only do they feature an amazing corn maze, they also offer Pony rides, Train rides, and hayrides to the pumpkin patch.

Just remember this, the one thing you never want to happen is getting trapped inside a Michigan corn maze. I'm not the only one who has this fear, take a look at this article, courtesy of

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