The internet must be stopped.


I have a question. Actually, I have all the questions.

Why? The novelty? It's cheaper? What?

And if you say it's the taste, you're gonna get side eye from me for the rest of this article.

Potatoes aren't that expensive. And I think a box of instant potatoes is pretty cheap too.

You get a box of instant potatoes, you might need some milk, some water, some butter and if you can boil and combine all three you got mashed potatoes.

Increasing your difficulty might mean actually peeling and boiling some real potatoes, mashing them, adding said butter and milk and bam...mashed potatoes.

Trust me this is not rocket science.

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And I embrace the concept of the struggle meal.

But when comparing the ease and cheapness of buying instant or real potatoes to the time consuming task of actually BOILING POTATO CHIPS and the process of turning them into mashed potatoes, I'm settling for a box of Idahoan ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

But this...why?!?

Best quote here: "Why are you reverse engineering potato chips"?


And while I am wondering why this dude decided to desecrate his insides with boiled potato chip water, I also need to ask the following.

Why is this woman feeding her kids this?

That's right. Mom is boiling Flamin' Hot Cheetos and making mac & cheese FOR HER KIDS?!?

Am I the only one who kinda gagged at the cheese powder being poured into the flamin' hot Cheeto soup she made? How orange and red was that? How hot is that? How bad is that going to be for your insides?


Are you even aware that they already make this flavor mac & cheese?

It seems that the Cheetos mac & cheese is available in three flavors: Bold & Cheesy, Flamin' Hot, and Cheddar Jalapeno. PepsiCo confirmed that the new mac will be available at Walmart stores on August 8 and online via their website as well.

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Someone get CPS on the phone. We clearly need an intervention and some law enforcement here.

And trust me, you're doing it wrong and working too hard boiling chips and Cheetos when you can buy each of theses things already prepackaged SUPER CHEAP.

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