Apples are the second most commonly eaten fruit in the United States.  They are a daily staple for many of us Michiganders, but we do not often consider where they come from.

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According to USA Today, before Europeans came to North America, the only native apple tree variety was the crab apple.  Early immigrants brought seeds and cuttings from Europe.They found apples grow well there.

Some apples are well suited to store and east fresh, while others are best suited for other uses.  Cider and apple butter were the best means to preserve apples for long-term storage and use.

Today, Michigan is the third largest apple producing state, and this fall's harvest is looking to be a banner year.  Michigan is on pace to grow 28 million bushels of apples.

Half of those apples are destined for the grocery store, while the other half will be processed for use in products like apple pie, applesauce and apple butter

According to the Michigan Apple Committee, there are more than 35,000 acres worth of apple farms in the state run by 825 family farms.

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