Do you like antiques? Do you own any? Now what I mean here is have you purchased something to own that you wanted specifically because it was an antique? Not just something that was sitting around the house for so long that it is now considered an antique...By the way, I definitely think I have some of those.

Over the years I have been to more places that sell antiques than you (or I) could possibly imagine. Now, I am familiar with what some of the antiques are that I see in these shops and outlets but here's what I'm never really sure of...

What exactly most of these things are worth.

Now I have family members and friends who have or still engage in the antiques business and they can not only tell you what things are worth, but they can purchase items at a big savings and sell them at a big profit because they know what they are doing and know the value of a lot of antiques. Me, well not so much. I'm pretty sure that I would sell something to someone that I thought was a piece of junk and the purchaser would be able to turn around and sell for a huge profit. Just my luck.

It's the old "one man's trash is another man's treasure" thing...

Well there is one less place to find those treasured items now. According to MLive, Antique Mercantile, the 15-thousand square foot retailer on Hupp Street in Jackson closed last Sunday.

Why? Well it wasn't because of COVID-19. The answer lies somewhere else with the owner. Get the info as to why Antique Mercantile closed after five years from MLive.

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