I can't remember the last time I went to downtown Ann Arbor just to look around and enjoy the sights. Of course I'm talking about restaurants and a few of Ann Arbor's historic buildings.

According to WILX, construction of Ann Arbor's tallest new building in a half century could begin soon if city council members approve the project.

The 19 story, mixed use high rise would sit behind Ann Arbor's historic Michigan Theater and include 240 apartments that would be marketed to a mix of University of Michigan students and working professionals.

Today is a big day where city council members will hold a public hearing and decide whether to approve the project.

The building would exceed downtown Ann Arbor's 180 foot height limit by 28 feet through the developers use of a zoning option that allows extra floor area in exchange for affordable housing.

If it's approved, the building would become downtown Ann Arbor's tallest high rise since the 18 story University Towers and 26 story Tower Plaza were built in the 1960's.

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