As someone who loves winter, I can understand where you're coming from...but I also can't.

I'll start this off by saying, we live in Michigan. We all KNOW winter and what a cold-hearted b**ch she can be. I totally get it. However, the feeling I get in the winter is something I look forward to each and every year.

Sure, it absolutely sucks having to get up earlier to shovel the driveway so you can pull out, scrape off your car and give yourself enough time to make it to work or wherever you are going safely.

As a morning bird, all I can say here is that I don't 100% feel bad for you but I do understand the struggle.

One thing I really struggle with, as much as I love winter, is my anxiety while driving on sketchy roads. I usually am out before the plows so it does make me nervous, though I am confident in my own's everyone else.

I am very much in the camp that you need to stay calm and take it slow when you need to. What gives me anxiety are the people who don't do that, who still try to go as fast as they can or not think the road conditions affect them.

Winter makes people very cranky, they're more rude than usual, they're in a hurry to get out of the cold and they also feel like anyone who isn't 100% comfortable driving in the snow just shouldn't be out there at all and be out of the way.

It's so scary to be trying your best just to make it to your destination while avoiding slipping into a panic attack when some jerk in a massive truck decides to tailgate you instead of just passing.

I get it is frustrating, especially when you are in a car that can handle just fine and maybe you are in a rush but my goodness, people, tone it down!

There is already so much negativity out there and I totally get that winter is not everyone's cup of cocoa but just keep in mind to be patient, kind, and slow down and smile at the snowflakes every once in a while.

We are Michiganders, we do this every year, we've got this!

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