Well this year sure has been a real stinker when it comes to holidays...

Whether you are sick with COVID, awaiting test results or are just not gathering with your family in the interest of keeping everyone safe and healthy, just know your reasons for not going are justified and valid.

Sure, this has all gotten very political and I do not want to get into it but don't let anyone guilt you or pressure you or use politics to try to force you to do something you are not comfortable with.

Families everywhere are deciding whether or not to take their chances and get together and others are deciding to just play it safe. If you are like me, my family has decided to have smaller gatherings with just the immediate family.

However, with a recent COVID exposure by my immediate family, I have now been quarantining and am awaiting test results that will probably not come until after the holiday.

As someone who holds a special place in their heart for Thanksgiving, it's my absolute favorite holiday, this makes me so sad to think I might have to spend the day alone.

Now as much as I want to have a pity party, I know what the right thing to do is, I know that I could not live with myself if I do test positive and pass this along to anyone I love who would not fight it off as easily and I know I am not the only person to have to spend a holiday alone.

Just know there are so many resources available. Restaurants making Thanksgiving dinners and are available for takeout/delivery and plenty of family to hop on a video chat with!

So if you are spending Thanksgiving alone this year, let's start a selfie chain, a group chat or even a Zoom call! What are your thoughts?

Nobody has to be truly alone and there are always people who care. I totally understand how hard this year has been, so let's try to find the bright sides wherever we can!

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