Somebody is stealing those Amish "horse and buggy" road signs in the Upper Peninsula. According to, in Delta County and more specifically, Escanaba Township and Cornell Township, recently four of those signs have "gone missing". The issue is that the Amish population there is fairly new, so drivers may not be on the lookout for the Amish buggies unless they see the road signs. Plus - it costs tax dollars to replace those things.

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Even in areas with established Amish populations, it's hard enough to manage cars and trucks using the same roads as the buggies. It was only in September that three Amish children were killed when their buggy was hit by a car near Charlotte.

If you really want one of those signs - or one of those "deer crossing" signs, there are websites online that offer those signs (at least the deer crossing signs - and I'm assuming the horse and buggy signs by special order) You can get the deer crossing signs for around $50. Much cheaper than getting in trouble with your local sheriff.

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