You can't make this stuff up. A Sturgis, Michigan Amish family returned to the parking lot after a shopping trip at Walmart to discover their transportation was no longer where they'd left it.

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Yes, you read that right, an Amish family's horse and buggy was stolen from the Sturgis, Michigan parking lot. The incident took place on January 20th, at 5:30 pm EST. A truck driver in the lot witnessed the theft and gave police a description of the woman behind the reins.

The Sturgis, Michigan Walmart Horse (and Buggy) Thief

Horse Thieves in Michigan? Amish Family’s Buggy Stolen at Walmart

Unsurprisingly, this wasn't the first time Sturgis police officials had contact with the suspect that day. In fact, they'd already responded to an issue involving the 31-year-old woman at the same Walmart earlier that day, according to NBC News.

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In a press release on the Sturgis Public Safety Facebook Page, officials state the woman was found at a motel later that evening, and she was arrested without incident. She, as of publication of this article, is in the St. Joseph County Jail, where she is awaiting charges of larceny and livestock larceny charges.

Thankfully, Sturgis Police reported that the horse was unharmed and has been returned, along with the buggy, to the Amish family.

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How low can you go? Seriously, what is happening in someone's mind when they decide to STEAL A HORSE AND BUGGY? I sincerely hope this woman finds the help she needs to over the urge the next time she's confronted with an opportunity to steal an Amish family's means of transportation.

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