If you haven't been behind or passed a horse-drawn carriage piloted by a stately gentleman with a fine beard, you may not be aware that a large population of Amish live outside of Pennsylvania or Indiana. There are several Amish communities located in the central and southern parts of the Mitten State. The largest communities are in Sturgis, Clare, Gratiot County, Manton/Buckley area, and Cass City/Vassar/Caro areas.

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What Does It Mean to Be Amish?

Randy Fath on Unsplash
Randy Fath on Unsplash

Condensing someone's beliefs into a brief article isn't possible, but here are some of the similarities the Amish and Christian beliefs share:

  1. Belief in The Holy Trinity
  2. Belief in Hell and the afterlife
  3. Belief in Baptism

Though other commonalities are shared, the two religions greatly vary on how they should be practiced. Amish believe in a simple life with no extravagances relied upon that aren't available through God.

 The Difference Between Menenite and Amish Communities

Michigan has both Amish and Mennonite communities within the state. Though there are several differences between them, one of the biggest differences is 'shunning'. The Amish believe that they must 'shun' technology, media, news, and even family members that don't align with their interpretation of the scripture. Both sects came from Anabaptist roots and were once the same community until the shunning divided them.

Mennonites drive cars, use phones, and sometimes even watch TV. Michigan Amish are able to work their way around some of the 'shunning' rules by hitching a ride with a Mennonite.

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Here's a closer look at 13 Rules Michigan Amish Must Follow:

13 Rules Michigan Amish Must Follow

Why do Amish women wear 'prayer coverings'? Why do Amish men grow out their beards but not their mustaches? Here are 13 Rules Michigan Amish Must Follow

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