Q: I've been wracking my brain trying to recall an old hit song that was written by a Vice President but I don't even remember who he was, either.

A: That song is IT'S ALL IN THE GAME by Tommy Edwards. The tune was composed in 1911 as “Melody In A Major” (also known as “The Dawes Melody”) by future United States Vice President (during the second administration of Calvin Coolidge, 1925-1929) and Nobel Peace Prize winner Charles Gates Dawes. Dawes only composed the music – lyrics weren't added until 1951 when they were written by Carl Sigman, who also gave the song it's new title. Edwards first charted with the song in 1951 (#18), re-recording & releasing it again in 1958 – this time going to #1; the 1958 version became one of the first stereo singles ever released. IT'S ALL IN THE GAME also made the singles charts for Cliff Richard (#25, 1964) and the Four Tops (#24, 1970) and the Country music charts for Tom T. Hall and Merle Haggard in the 1970's.


Courtesy of MGM Records