Adoption is a big part of our world. Many people adopt kids to give them a nurturing, loving home. But did you know that adults can also adopt other adults?

A&E's newest reality series, Adults Adopting Adults, explores this very different type of family arrangement.

"The new 10-episode series follows six incredible stories of adults seeking legal adoption for either a sincere desire for a true family experience or perhaps more questionable motives," a press release for the series states.

One of the couples featured in the show, Danny and Christy, are looking to adopt a young pregnant woman from Austria.

The pair tried to adopt an adult in the past, but Danny became wrapped up in an inappropriate relationship with the individual, so they stopped the process.

In a preview for the series, Christy truly worries about her husband's motives for wanting to adopt an adult as he's been unfaithful in the past.

Watch the clip below:

Things seem to go smoothly until it's time for their adoptee, Ileana, to land in the U.S. and she suddenly goes silent.

In a sneak peek obtained by People, Danny and Christy start to worry that she's gone MIA. Danny immediately jumps on the phone to obtain information regarding Ileana's flight but can't get in touch with anyone.

"I'm stressed, I'm anxious. Because I booked the ticket I was hoping they would tell me yeah, there's a butt in the seat, but I couldn't get through," Danny tells the camera.

"We can't get in touch with Ileana, we don't really know what to do, we're spending money on Ileana's plane tickets and now she's ghosted us," Christy adds. "I've had worries that Danny's being used and I'm being used for a couple months now. He's been sending her money and basically asking how high he should jump."

Danny then decides to go to the airport in Columbus, Ohio to meet their adoptee in person.

He also acknowledges his wife's hesitations on whether Ileana is legit: "Christy has a lot of concerns about, 'Was Ileana legit? Is she catfishing us? Is there a money angle here?' But Ileana, she never mentions coming to the United States, I actually asked her, 'Did you ever consider moving to the States?' and she never thought of it."

Laws regarding adult adoption vary by state. The new series will also explore "a woman who wants to leave her mother behind to be adopted by another couple that she found online; to a German prince seeking an adult son to care for him and carry on his title," according to A&E's press release.

Adults Adopting Adults premieres Monday, Jan. 31 at 10PM ET on A&E.

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