I love the concept behind finding the next cute baby face to be the Gerber model of 2022. The search is on nationwide to find an adorable baby to be the next Gerber Baby.

I think the next Gerber baby should come directly from Michigan and all moms and dads with children who are between the ages of 0 and 48 months old, should get busy entering their beautiful children.

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Just keep this in mind, dating back to around 2010, the Gerber company has held this yearly competition and it does include a cash prize of $25,000!

According to mlive.com:

"Not only will the winner serve as the 2022 Spokesbaby, but the little grow-getter will also step into Gerber Chief Growing Officer Zane Kahin's tiny, yet formidable, shoes to become the second baby in brand history to earn the coveted C-suite title," the company said in a release.

You mean after all these years I could have entered my very own son or daughter in this Gerber baby contest? Honestly, I never even knew about such a thing until now. Otherwise I would have entered both of my children about 21 years ago. (bummer)

What does it take to qualify to be the "Gerber Baby" of 2022? Mlive.com breaks it down for us:

*  A natural gift for making people smile

*  Belly full of giggles

*  Passion for being the center of attention

*  Between the ages of 0 and 48 months old

*  Must demonstrate an irresistibly fun and expressive personality

If you're baby has what it takes to become the Gerber Baby of 2022, start submitting photos a.s.a.p. You have until April 14 to enter the competition.

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