WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Along the Lake Superior & Ishpeming railroad is an abandoned tech factory that evidently was used to reduce iron ore to pig iron. It was last known to be operating in the 1980s and was shut down by authorities for the improper management of money.

Located between Marquette and Negaunee on 492, the factory closed in the early 90s and sits back away from the road. The gallery below shows satellite photos and also some inside shots to see how massive it was.

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Giant machinery looms out of the shadows like monsters.
One photo shows a huge mound of something that looks like weird bubbles...this thing really does look like a sci-fi creature from a monster movie!

The lighting really gives the feeling of dread in these gargantuan rooms. If you ever saw any of the “Saw” films, that's the kind of vibration you may get as you view some of these pictures.

But not all the photos are that way. There are a few outside photos and tamer ones, but they still depict dangerous surroundings. This is definitely not a place to explore without a guide or an owner. Even with a flashlight, you could still drop off a ledge at any time.

The best way is to scan and scroll thru the gallery below and see for yourself. Just be glad someone else does this stuff so we don't have to!

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