WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Searching through this abandoned house isn’t just any ordinary experience. It’s not the usual “oh what a mess” type of deserted structure – there are a good handful of things to mention about it.

The videographer does not pinpoint the location, only to say it is “somewhere up north”. The house is believed to have been built in 1790 – yeah, over 230 years ago – and it’s hard to fathom that claim, until you get into the basement. The basement has old rock walls, a shelf with food in old preserve jars, and especially a ‘hidden’ stairway, crumbly with rocks and rubble, looking like it indeed had been built in the 1700s. …it’s a cool but creepy basement that might remind you of the basement in “The Blair Witch Project” film.

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Throughout the house there are signs of renovation and attempts to fix it up, but the basement definitely gives its construction date away. Wait’ll you see it in the gallery below…

Something else you’ll see, is an incident that appears to be something paranormal or supernatural, whichever term you prefer.

The videographer is upstairs when he hears a low thump. He turns in the direction of the thump saying “Hello? Hello? Anybody here?” As he asks the first ‘hello’, the door opens by itself just a crack. You’ll be able to see this for yourself depicted in the photo gallery below, and further down in the actual video at about 7:21 in. As he turns to walk away, the door suddenly opens all the way by itself. He’s obviously shaken, and doesn’t investigate…yet.

Later in the video, after avoiding the area, he finally decides to see what’s behind the door…it’s a stairway going up into the attic. Still somewhat scared, he goes up anyway and shows us the attic. Now, some of you may be thinking “okay the door opened – big deal. It was probably blown open by the wind”. But think about it…..if the house has been sitting empty for so long with no one living there for many years, how come the door opens on its own just now? Wouldn’t it have been already blown open in the weeks/months before? You’ll have to see the pics and video and make your own judgment…but when the door opens that first crack, it gets your attention.

This is another of the more interesting abandoned places. Yes, the videographer got permission to explore, as anyone in his/her right mind should. Plus, he does not give out the exact location in order to deter any illegal trespassing or vandals…all we know is, it’s somewhere up north. Take a look for yourself below…

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