It was the home of the Detroit Pistons. It welcomed the biggest names in entertainment like Janet Jackson, Pink Floyd, Prince, Van Halen, Katy Perry, and U2. It was even home to one of the most talked about sports brawls now known as "Malice at the Palace". The Palace of Auburn Hills was truly a Michigan landmark right up until its final demise in 2020, but it lay dying long before that.

Built in 1988, the Palace was once the largest NBA arena and one of only two arenas that had not sold its naming rights to a corporate sponsor. The other was Madison Square Garden. Not just the best place for sporting events, but as a concert venue The Palace was a fan favorite. Michigan's own Bob Segar played the final concert at the venue on September 23, 2017.

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The Pistons had left playing at the Palace after the 2017 season for their new home at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, and in June 2019, current Pistons owner Tom Gores announced the Palace had been sold to a joint venture comprised of Gores and the Livonia-based development company Schostak Brothers & Co. The sale would signal the end of the legendary building.

Demolition of the arena began in February 2020. Demolition was completed on July 11, 2020, when the roof was demolished using explosives. According to the Detroit News, it was eight hundred pounds of dynamite that put an end to three decades of memories and history.

Before that final day, the Palace lay decaying and with a ghostly appearance to all who caught a glimpse from the nearby freeway and side streets. I couldn't help but stop once or twice on the side of I-75 to snap a picture or two, but like everyone, I couldn't help but wonder what the inside looked like.

Although long gone now, it was interesting and sad to see the shell of what was a busy exciting venue resort to nothing but eerie hallways and cold corridors. Take a look inside the last days of The Palace of Auburn Hills below thanks to some creative explorers.

Remembering the Last Days of the Palace of Auburn Hills: Photos

Once the largest NBA arena and hosts to some of the biggest acts in the world, The Palace of Auburn sat decaying before its final demise.Built in 1988, the demolition of the arena began in February 2020. Demolition was completed on July 11, 2020, when the roof was demolished using explosives. Take a look inside the last days of the popular venue.

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