One hundred people are one step closer to making a giant leap for mankind, winning a trip to Mars.  But there's a big catch.  The winners won't be coming back.

Mars One has reduced 200,000 applicants to 100 finalists who could leave Earth in 2024.  For finalists like Peter Felgentreff, 50, the chance to visit Mars is worth the risk.

Felgentreff is an entrepreneur and vice president of a start up organization outside San Francisco.  Felgentreff said and I quote: "I've always had a curiosity for all things science, especially when it comes to space exploration."

He says his wife shares his curiosity of combining humans with an element of risk and using technology to overcome those risks.

The desire to put a man on Mars isn't new.  NASA plans to develop capabilities to send astronauts to Mars by the 2030s, but those going will return to Earth.