Aren't we all dreaming of a beautiful "White Christmas?" There's nothing better than seeing snow on the ground when you wake up on Christmas morning.

And we don't mean seeing a few snow flakes or snow barely covering the grass. There has to be at least an inch of snow on the ground to be considered a white Christmas.

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At this point, who's to say if we will or if we won't have a white Christmas?  For some reason it just feels magical with all the holiday cheer, Christmas songs, decorating, and everything else in between.

When it comes to Lansing having a white Christmas this year, where do we stand at this point in time?  Here's what has to say:

Lansing and Flint have had 51 percent of Christmases be white. Saginaw, while farther north, oddly has only a 46 percent chance of a white Christmas.

Not the best odds if you ask me. There's a 50 percent chance we will and a 50 percent chance we won't have a white Christmas. (time to place your bets)

As it stands, there is only one place in Michigan with a 95 percent chance of having a white Christmas, and that place happens to be in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Is there any area in Michigan with over a 95 percent chance of a white Christmas? Yes there is:

The highest chance of a white Christmas in Michigan is at Bergland Dam, just northeast of Ironwood. With a 98 percent chance of a white Christmas, Bergland would have only two green Christmases in 100 years.

So I guess if you want to have a white Christmas this holiday season, it's best to head north to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I wouldn't go unless you have family living in that neck of the woods.

Your only other option is to rent one of those snow machines, you know, like the ones they use at ski resorts.

Stop dreaming of a white Christmas and just make it happen. Happy Holidays!

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