Finally some good news regarding coronavirus transmission levels here in Michigan. Happy to say that none of Michigan's 83 counties have high COVID-19 levels, based on the latest study from the C.D.C.

Michigan reported 32 counties at medium risk level and 51 counties at low risk. We haven't seen good news like this in quite some time.

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If seems like a year ago, I knew so many people who had COVID-19. My wife and I came in contact with the COVID-19 virus, and we both experienced different symptoms.

According to

This time last year, Michigan was reporting an average of 3,603 cases per day, though at-home testing was less common. Individuals who self-administer a COVID test are less likely to report their case compared to those at clinics and other testing sites.

Even though the numbers are down in Michigan, I can tell you that in the last two or three weeks, my dad, my sister, and my brother all tested positive with the COVID-19 virus.

Even to this day when I go to the grocery store, or go bowling, or whatever, it's still very hard not to think about getting the virus again. I've known several people who have had COVID-19 a couple of times.

I'm just glad that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stays on top of everything, including high, medium, and low transmission levels. also tells us:

The CDC uses its Community Levels to determine COVID risk, putting counties in one of three buckets: low (green), medium (yellow) or high (orange). When a county enters the high transmission level, it’s recommended that they wear masks while indoors in public, regardless of vaccination status.

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