Eight more Michigan Bars/eateries have had their liquor licenses suspended.  These places join with Royal Scott.

The North Lansing Bowling alley, restaurant's owner and his Lawyer were in court yesterday the venue saw their liquor license suspended as a punishment for refusing to close during the statewide COVID restriction.  If Royal Scott continues to serve alcohol they will then have their liquor license suspended for 90 days.

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission has now issued emergency suspensions for 8 businesses one of which is in Potterville Charlies Bar & Grill.  Charlies, along with 7 other businesses were accused of multiple violations like allowing non-residential in-person gatherings, providing in-person dining, and failure to require face coverings for staff and its guests.

Since September the Michigan Liquor Control Commission has suspended liquor licenses for 21 establishments which are located throughout our state.

One of the restaurant owners who was on a Zoom call with other owners  said he did not want to ignore or disobey the governments orders because it's a losing situation.

Other owners have said they have to make a living to pay employees (so they can earn a paycheck and pay their bills)  owners also have to pay rent and/ or a house payment as well as paying their vendors.  When businesses close down, it can start a domino effect

Along with Charlies Bar and Grill in Potterville, Spanky's Tavern in Battle Creek, Andiamo Italia in Warren, Polski's Pub and Grub in Clinton Township, Kalkaska's Kai-Ho Bar, Dex's Loggers Landing in Luther, Plaza Lanes in Plymouth Township. and Hatorando Sushi and Sports Bar in Hartland.


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