What are considered to be Michigan’s Most Redneck Towns? Some may surprise you…

A couple of years ago, some Einstein with nothing else to do thought it would be a cute idea to list the 71 Most Redneck Michigan Towns...which are presented here.

Included on the list are: Okemos, Owosso, Portland, St. Johns, Vandercook Lake and Williamston. Wait a minute…OKEMOS? Are you kiddin’ me?

Not kidding…it’s on the list. Click below to see where on the 71 list they rank...one of the above-mentioned towns is in the Top Ten!

The following link will detail the Top Ten Redneck Michigan towns and show you the remainder of the 61 other Michigan ‘burbs considered the Most Redneck. Is YOUR town listed???

CLICK HERE to see the entire list and see if YOUR town made it!

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