Coffee lovers rejoice, 517 Coffee Company will open their first retail shop in the former Bake 'N' Cakes South location.

According to the Lansing State Journal, by the end of the year, 517 Coffee Company will be located in a 1,200 square foot building at 6030 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Bake 'N' Cakes closed their doors in October of 2019 but still operates a location on East Kalamazoo Street.

When 517 Coffee Company opens in the south Lansing location, Bake 'N' Cakes will offer treats there, alongside 517's coffee.

Who doesn't just love the sweet smell of freshly roasted coffee? It's the best. That's exactly what 517 Coffee Company plans on doing. They will roast its coffee on site when they open in south Lansing.

One of the owners said we want to be closely connected to the community as much as possible, and they would like to allow people to walk in and see what they are buying and how it's made. (LSJ)

517 Coffee Company will offer seating for fewer than 10 people, brewed and pour over coffee and herbal tea, along with treats from Bake 'N' Cakes.

With limited indoor seating, 517 Coffee Company will promote its to go business, a model that's become commonplace during the global pandemic.

Advocates for south Lansing say 517 Coffee Company's new shop is also important to the area's future and hopefully a sign that more businesses will follow their lead. (LSJ)

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